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Emergency Bridge Loan

Short term bridge loans for your commercial mixed-use and multifamily properties where speed is vitally crucial to the success of the situation.

Emergency Bridge Loan

  • A commercial real estate emergency bridge loan, also known as an emergency private loan, offers a lifeline to investors facing urgent financial needs, closing within a remarkable 48-hour window*.

  • This rapid financing solution is ideal for seizing fleeting market opportunities, ensuring that investors don’t miss out on prime real estate deals due to time constraints.

  • Additionally, it provides immediate liquidity for unexpected situations, such as unforeseen property expenses or the need for quick capital injection, ensuring that operations continue smoothly without financial hiccups.

  • Our in-house end to end loan process offers you a highly efficient and reliable solution.


Commercial Emergency Bridge Program Details

Interest Rate:

Rates Starting at 8%

Property Type:

Multi family, retail industrial self storage office (under certain circumstances)


No land.

States Included:

See Map

Loan Size

Up to $100 million

Max Loan-To-Value:

Up to 60%

Closing Time:

Up to 48 Hours*. Program Disclaimers

States Included In This Program
Capital Max | Emergency Bridge Loan

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of property qualifies under the commercial bridge program?

Any commercial multifamily property, any mixed-use property, and of course Retail, Industrial, Self Storage, Office* (*under certain circumstances)

What are the qualifications for getting an approval for the commercial bridge program?

The borrower must provide documentation of prior experience investing with commercial properties. 

What interest rates are available for the Bridge Loan Program?

For Capital Max commercial bridge loan programs, we have rates starting at 8%.

Whats is the difference between this Emergency Bridge Loan and the other Bridge Loan Capital Max Offers?

This Emergency Bridge Loan is a fast closing loan where speed is necessary to get past the finish line.


Our standard bridge loan closes in up to 21 days* normally where speed at the 48 hour level is not as crucial.

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